Unravelling the world of cryptoassets

I write mostly for my own enjoyment, but if you have any areas you would like me to cover or if anything written is factually incorrect then please contact me at contact@flatoutcrypto.com.

I write articles for crypto companies which are sometimes also published on this site. Any such article will be clearly identified.

Current holdings (although frankly only top 5 holdings are material following the recent drops):

  • BTC

  • ETH

  • TFD

  • ZEN

  • DIP


  • AUC

  • ELA

  • FT

  • GMR

  • SUMO

  • RYO

Waiting on distribution:

  1. RIF

  2. AERGO

  3. BLOC

  4. PHT

  5. RAND

  6. LTO

  7. ONE (2nd tranche)

Companies worked for:

  • Radix DLT

  • Jibrel Network

  • Coinstruction

I have also received payment in the form of ELA for articles I had written without the expectation of money/not at the request of the company, but which subsequently received payment for (through the form of their bounty program, which I was not aware existed at the time of writing or publishing)

I also write for the magazine 21Cryptos, have previously written for BlockTimes.io, and other private DLT companies (no token/public investment)