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Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Visa, Worldpay take responsibility for Coinbase doublespend woes

Coinbase customers worldwide woke to find their bank accounts cleaned out thanks to erroneous transactions that saw payments by card on Coinbase taken multiple times. Reversing their previous stance, Visa took responsibility for the issue, admitting that it was not Coinbase's fault:

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Creating a Puertopia

If you like reading articles about how the new crypto elite are aiming to spend their money then you will love the New York Times article on how a band of newly minted millionaires and billionaires are aiming to create a crypto utopia in Puerto Rico. The favourable tax nature of the Caribbean island is also a likely influence in the decision to relocate to the U.S territory. 

AURA continues to rise

AURA is one of my favourite holdings. After hitting a low of c. 0.00012 on the ETH ratio a fortnight ago the token has returned to 0.00036 and looks in a strong position to continue to climb. IDEX released details on Friday of their user sign up rate, showing that they have jumped from 10,000 to 50,000 users in the last 5 weeks. Their daily trading volume continues to grow, surpassing $10m last week (although c. $5m is a more realistic daily total at present) and have the potential to replace the now apparently defunct EtherDelta which has had a rather spectacular fall from grace. With a market cap of just $30m, AURA has the potential to rapidly appreciate, especially once staking begins and token holders can begin to receive 50% of all fees on the site. 

Bitcoin to outperform? 

After a lengthy alt bull run I suspect we will see BTC dominance to increase in the coming weeks. It has already begun to erode the ETH ratio, which has fallen back to 0.0855 after previously breaking through 0.1 in recent weeks. I've bought back into BTC in recent days in anticipation of this. 

Central Bank of Poland admits to fund anti cryptoasset campaign

I'm not sure quite what to make of the news that the Polish central bank has admitted to funding a YouTube video to warn against cryptoassets. I'm also not sure how effective they hoped the following would ever be...

Part 1: Blockchains are broken, here is why

Part 1: Blockchains are broken, here is why

Great app, awful ICO

Great app, awful ICO